Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango

There is no other dance that connects two people more closely than the Argentine Tango, emotionally as well as physically.  Once you begin, it's hard to stop - you will want to develop your own style and learn more - as we know only too well ....we've been enjoying our own Tango adventure for many years!

We help you learn the unique style of the Argentine Tango, how to lead and follow and how to navigate around the dance floor.  Before too long you will be interpreting your style of Argentine Tango, dancing to wonderful music, one of the most important elements of any dance. 

Where do you begin? Tuesday nights - 8.30pm,

8-week programme starts September 2016 - will be included in the Ballroom hour

As part of our Tuesday night dance classes we plan to start an 8-week course, beginning in September 2016 which will be included in our Ballroom hour, beginning at 8.30pm. 

We try to make sure you don't lose your skills and that you have an opportunity to practise your Tango steps.

We have put together a schedule for the rest of 2016 with a variety of workshops in different dance styles.  Our next Argentine Tango afternoon will be on  Saturday 24th September 2016.  Hopefully we will have time to introduce you to Milonga as well.

Download our 2016 Workshops and What's On flyer for more information.


The Soul of the Tango

Every dance has its own unique twist and as time goes by and you continue to study, practice and dance the Argentine Tango  your movement and interpretation will become easier and more automatic. You'll experience el alma del tango - the soul of the tango.

This comes from a mixture of several elements - the flow of creativity that comes from the unusual freedom with the Argentine Tango, your ability to improvise, the precision of dancing the tango, the intensity and dramatic feel created by talented musicians, and the emotional closeness to your partners.

This feeling, more than mastery of dance mechanics, is what makes an Argentine tango dancer. And when you begin to feel it you will be one too. 

A few basic pointers as you begin your Tango journey...


...Walking is basic to most dance and tango step patterns. This makes it easy to get started dancing right away, though there is surprising complexity behind this apparently simple activity. You will learn more about that in each lesson and workshop days.


...listen to the music and your partner's "body language" - at the end of the day, whatever dance discipline you're learning, it should be enjoyable and leave you wanting to know and dance a little bit more. 

Dance position

...You both face in the same direction (the woman's right, the man's left) and so dance almost cheek to cheek. You also keep your arms around each other for the entire dance. 

Creativity and Improvisation  

...once you have mastered the basics of Argentine Tango and built your confidence, you will find that you don't dance step patterns in standard sequences to a set rhythm; but you will  create and improvise new step patterns and combine them in ways new to you and your partner.